Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Dissemination Activities

ComCiència organizes activities to bring scientific knowledge closer to people of all ages:

  • European Researchers' Night

    An event dedicated to introducing research and its protagonists to the general public in a playful and enjoyable way.

  • Science Week

    Designet to bring science and technology closer to the general public and fostering scientific vocations among young people.

  • Martí i Franquès Tour

    Discover Antoni de Martí i Franquès on this dramatised tour of Tarragona and learn about this historical figure.

  • Castells de ciència

    Explains scientific concepts by using a popular cultural phenomenon, deeply rooted in the region, and internationally recognised.

  • Science Appetizers

    Introduces scientific concepts through bite-sized multimedia content.

  • Want to know what I'm researching?

    A contest in which URV doctoral students present their research in a 4-minute scientific monologue.

  • The Science of Chocolate

    A series that explores cocoa and chocolate from the viewpoint of various scientific disciplines, led by women researchers at the URV.

  • Pons d'Icart Scientific Tour

    Do you know who Lluís Pons d'Icart was? Find out on this dramatised tour of Tarragona and learn about this historical figure.

  • Bites of Science

    Workshops and talks that explore the relationship between nutrition and health, led by URV researchers.

  • The Science of Wine

    A series of talks and pairings to explore wine from different research perspectives, led by URV researchers.

  • Science in 1'

    Short audiovisual capsules that explain scientific concepts quickly and comprehensibly.

  • URV Goals

    An audiovisual project aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the research conducted at the URV.

  • #HiloTesis Contest

    A contest for doctoral students, where they must share their doctoral thesis in a Twitter thread of a maximum of twenty tweets.

  • Talent URV

    A multimedia project that showcases the work of researchers through videos, written reports, and social media.

  • Ask at the Square

    An audiovisual outreach project that explores scientific concepts through research conducted at the University.