Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Science Communication Unit

ComCiència is the URV’s science communication and outreach unit, recognized as a Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit by FECYT.

At ComCiència we use informative news articles to communicate the research results and knowledge generated at the URV. We also organize, coordinate, and support science outreach activities organized by the Unit and other outreach initiatives in which researchers from the University participate.

We work to foster and increase the interest of citizens in science, technology, knowledge, and innovation, and to awaken scientific vocations. Through various outreach activities, we make the knowledge generated at the University accessible in understandable language for a non-specialized audience.

We also make ourselves available to the entire URV research community: providing communication advice when presenting competitive projects, offering support to organise outreach activities, and providing communication training for teaching and research staff (PDI).



Cristina Mallo Álvarez


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Montse Cartañà Guasch


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Jaume Ballesté López

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Jesús Jordi Pinatella

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