Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Activities we support

ComCiència also supports other activities organized within the university environment:

  • "Fem Recerca!" Programme

    Awakens vocations among young people and encourages their interest in science, research, and university studies.

  • "Talent Jove" Programme

    Provides advanced knowledge in physics and mathematics to highly motivated students in 1st and 2nd year of upper-secondary education.

  • Scientific Lectures

    Scientific lectures are an opportunity for secondary school students to learn about various university disciplines.

  • EstiURV

    On-site courses for secondary school students covering different subjects to expand their knowledge.

  • Experimental Workshops at the CRAI

    A series of experimental activities designed for groups of school students aged 9 to 18, as part of the Science Week.

  • Experimental Challenge

    Bringing science closer to students in schools and institutes through experimentation and the scientific method.

  • "Aprofundiments" Programme

    Offers training for secondary school teachers on knowledge and research in academic disciplines.